Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Studio Ghibli Movie " The Borrower Arrietty"

Back when i was a child i was attached to a series by studio ghibli , Named future boy conan , it was amazing , since that moment the studio ghibli has become something special in my mind , and ever since ...i never missed any of thier works ..ever , so now am reviewing their latest work a movie named The borrower arrietty in japan , and the secret world of arrietty in america , based on a famous story named the borrower , anyway , the art is as usual of ghibli , if youve seen other ghibli works like princess mononoki , or spirited away , youll know what am talking about . 

The film tells the story of Arrietty, a young Borrower, who lives under the floorboards of a typical household. She eventually befriends Sho, a human boy with a heart condition since birth, who is living with his great aunt, Sadako. When Sadako's maid, Haru, becomes suspicious of the floorboard's disturbance, Arrietty and her family must escape detection, even if it means leaving their beloved home , the plot seems so amazing but some people will say it kind of a Disney movie style , yes, alittle to be honest , but once in a while itll be good to have a break from all of naruto and luffy fighting their foes and watch something calming like this one , this movie was out in 2009 and its 2 hours long , but youll fell like if its only 30 minutes cause the story is nice , but it may not interest some people who are looking for something specific in an anime movie ,,, hope you like it ^_^

Redline Movie Review

Hello guys , after talking to some good fellas from cyber12 chat , they recommended me to review some anime movies as will , i think they are right so last week i watched some anime movies am gonna review them now starting Redline , a 2009 anime movie by madhouse studio , first impression on the movie is the Art work is like "WOOOOW" so from the first few minutes your gonna notice urself coming closer to the screen without noticing cause as i said the art is amazing ,

 the movie centers about deadly car races , in the distant future, where a man known as JP takes on great risks for the chance of winning the titular underground race ,  as all the other madhouse movies its a full based action movie with alot of shooting and driving loudly with stunning visuals , i didnt think i will enjoy the movie that much looking at it from a point of view that its a driving movie but i was wrong , Dead wrong ,,, the movie is awesome and if your looking to have 2 hours of your time blasted ...go ahead and watch ...thank you 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nazo No Kanojo X anime

Nazo No Kanojo X is a very veeeeeeeeeery weird kind of anime , am sure there are alot of people who wont like this one , but i donno what kept me going till i finished it , its a short anime about a shy guy who have this new girl come to his school , sleeping in the classrooms and all , untill someday he saw her sleeping and somehow , he decided to ,,,ummm,,,uh,,,taste her drool O_O "I knowwwwww" , after that he kinda fell under her love spell and the weird stories begin to happen , anyway her name is Urabe , and her voice + charisma are so cool i think thats the reason i watched it now that i mentioned it , hehe so cool , anyway if you have sometime to spare and wanna see some weirdly weird romance story ,,,, Here it is 

kuroko no basket One Hell Of An Anime

Hello guys , yesterday i started the sports anime kuroko no basuke , or Kuroko's basketball in English , anyway , am a basketball player myself so to me everything basketball related is good to me , but when it comes to anime am kinda picky , cause lets be honest , Slam Dunk kinda set the standards high for basketball anime , but let me say this , since slam dunk i think this one is the closest to shining up there on the anime basketball sky hehe , the art is amazing , character development is alil fast based i think but i like it , the motions of the players going to the basket is like real players , the mystery behind the main character will leave you hungry for more , ive only seen 6 episodes so far and i cant stop already , its still ongoing but i think itll be 24 episodes ,, i hope you guys enjoy it 

My Anime Storm Facebook Group

hello everyone ...
i dedicate this blog to my anime group on facebook "anime storm" , youre so welcome to join us there any time you want otakus , here , thank you very much

The Dragonball Anime Legend

alot of people disagree that the dragon ball anime is the greatest anime so far , i dont want to force my point of view i just wanna say few points about this , first o all dragon ball is a very old anime , there was barely another fight anime before it so the mind of akira toriyama the mangaka is amazing cause he didnt have someone before him to learn from , like one piece and naruto and bleach , they are pretty amazing but my point is , they grew up watching dragon ball so they learned it step by step by step , the power levels , the funny main character that eats alot and in love with doing good at all costs , for my whats most impressive about it is one piece , the way he started with humble little art but HUGE storytelling and character development ,,, thats amazing , naruto on the other hand is amazing cause he added Tragedy to the mix with amazing fights , thats a dangerous combination , so in other words, dragon ball kinda cleared the way ahead for other to learn from and to master the art of great anime ,,, thats my opinion thank you

Monday, December 20, 2010

Shiki , Horror, Mystery

I got the name of this anime from a friend (thanx doom) ,, its cool i just saw only 2 episodes of it and its already cool , it takes place in Sotobamura , Sotobamura is a small village with around 1300 residents; so small the village isn't even connected to a single highway. An isolated village in which old customs, such as the burial of the dead, are still practiced. One day, the bodies of three people are found dead. Although Ozaki Toshio, the village's lone doctor, feels uncertain, he treats the deaths as a normal occurrence. However, in the days following, the villagers start to die one after the other.other should watcccccccch thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis