Sunday, August 12, 2012

kuroko no basket One Hell Of An Anime

Hello guys , yesterday i started the sports anime kuroko no basuke , or Kuroko's basketball in English , anyway , am a basketball player myself so to me everything basketball related is good to me , but when it comes to anime am kinda picky , cause lets be honest , Slam Dunk kinda set the standards high for basketball anime , but let me say this , since slam dunk i think this one is the closest to shining up there on the anime basketball sky hehe , the art is amazing , character development is alil fast based i think but i like it , the motions of the players going to the basket is like real players , the mystery behind the main character will leave you hungry for more , ive only seen 6 episodes so far and i cant stop already , its still ongoing but i think itll be 24 episodes ,, i hope you guys enjoy it 

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  1. anim3lov3rs4ev3rs - i don't play basuke, but i like basuke sports - this anime is great can't stop watching,im always waiting every week for new ep - kuroko ( rukawa ) kagami ( sakuragi ) haha - kuroko is unique he not good in shooting but good in passing - the OP1 ED1 and OP2 ED2 is so cool - I LOVE AIDA RIKO she is cute haha - aomine daiki is too cool -